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TCPA - Telephone Consumer Protection Act

TCPA was passed by Congress in 1991 to regulate the use of auto-dialers and prerecorded messages. The Act was designed to safeguard consumer privacy by restricting companies from engaging in unwanted communications practices and over time, the FCC interpreted the TCPA also to cover text-based communications. Unwanted calls and texts are the number one consumer complaint to the FCC. There are thousands of complaints to the FCC every month related to both telemarketing and robocalls.


You’re Only Vulnerable if You Use an Autodialer

Think again; based on the latest interpretations of TCPA by the FCC, only a rotary phone would be safe from the broad and sweeping definition of an automatic dialing system.

Damages are Only Monetary 

TCPA lawsuits don’t just harm your bottom line. They damage your brand’s reputation as well. During litigation against, your company, for allegedly texting or auto-dialing without permission, consumers are less likely to want to engage with your brand. 

It’s the Dialer’s Responsibility 

Concerning TCPA, courts have held that responsibilities extend to everyone in the audit chain that touched a particular consumer. Even if you didn’t dial or text the record, you might be responsible for TCPA violations.

TCPA Exposure is Growing


  • 63% Port Landline to Mobile 
  • 75M Change Phone Carrier 
  • 45M Change Phone Numbers 
  • 42M Mobile Numbers Recycled 
  • TCPA Lawsuits Increased by 65%


LAND TO MOBILE: US households extend the trend of porting their home phone numbers to mobile numbers. 

DEACTIVATED: The recent surge of fines and settlements can be attributed to how quickly phone numbers are now being recycled. 

mobileRIGHT - TCPA Solution

mobileRIGHT helps our clients improve contact accuracy, lower contact costs, mitigate TCPA exposure, validate user information, and ultimately provide a superior customer experience. 

  • Disconnected Numbers 
  • Reassigned Numbers 
  • Suspended Numbers 
  • Invalid Numbers
  • Resumed Service “Paid” Numbers
  • Verification of Landline or Mobile 
  • Identification of Mobile Carrier 
  • Ported Numbers: Landline to Mobile 
  • Ported Numbers: Mobile to Landline 
  • Name/Number Append
  • Definitive MDN Updates
  • Directly from the Network Carriers
  • Daily Updates
  • 3+ Years Historical Data
  • NO Probability Scoring Hassle
  • API Access or SFTP File Transfer
  • Affordable, Monthly Pricing Model

This data validation process presents a functional and costly challenge. Unique to our solution we proactively share telecommunications data as it changes daily. By avoiding data submission/dipping methodologies, our clients can avoid accuracy gaps. 

MobileRIGHT is an integral part of the contact accuracy and TCPA risk mitigation strategies of the world’s largest brands. The mobileRIGHT risk assessment analyzes a sample of your customer contact data and provides a blueprint of the potential risk and opportunity that lies within. Providing a mobileRIGHT risk assessment allows our clients to assess the risk potential present within existing data and improvement opportunities related to risk, revenue, and overall data quality.

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